About Brian

I‘m proud of the roles I’ve played as a creative director in the innovation and creativity that moves a vision forward. Here are some highlights.

Highly Collaborative Innovator
I specialize in building (and repairing) relationships across disciplines and functional groups including UX, Engineering, Product Management, Brand and Marketing. At Adobe, I was responsible for mending a dysfunctional relationship between the UX and Marketing groups. The result was truly a better than win-win result.

Brand Maven UX – Marketing – Web and Physical
I’m a brand integration expert with experience in rebranding established technology companies. I directed the MetaCreations-MetaTools-Fractal Design brand merger. At Adobe I integrated a consistent brand presence across the entire product line UI and packaging and was on the Brand Integration Counsel for the Adobe / Macromedia merger. At Intuit I was on the Brand Counsel for the recent rebranding and directed the cross integration of brand and UX at Intuit.

Mentor / Teacher / Evangelist
I’m passionate about mentoring designers and have done so for over 10 years. Having worked my way up through the design ranks, I have an intimate view of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the care and feeding of talent.
My most recent accomplishment is that I was just certified to teach the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain drawing method. This method allows students at even the most primitive level become a skilled at drawing realistically in 40 hours. In the last 20 years that this certification has been available, I am only the 6th world wide to have earned this distinction. Certification requires the right mix of skill, teaching ability and temperament which is why so few have earned the title. I’m honored to be included.
I have just established the first ever BayCHI Birds of a Feather Visual Design group. In 2009 I’ll be presenting inspirational events featuring designers from LucasFilm, ILM, Pixar, Disney and others at venues around the SF Bay Area. I’m passionate about supporting the creative health and well being of designers.

Designer / Illustrator
I have designed and directed design for web and print. Most recently utilizing Flex and JavaScript.
I also have experience in 3D modeling environments, human figures and texture mapping.
My physical 2D work is extensive. I have had work in the Museum of American Illustration in New York, Society of Illustrators shows in Los Angeles and New York and have a painting in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C..

Group Productivity, Job Management and Vendor Relationships
My expertise in work scoping, scheduling and design pipeline management comes from applied creativity. I use a method that I developed based on the assessment of the unique strengths of each design team member. Highly successful, my teams have been showcased and lauded for “being the one group in this organization that never misses a deadline and consistently goes above and beyond expectations”.
The byproduct of this method is a highly engaged, challenged and creative design group.
Vendors are also a key element to the mix. Integrating the right vendor at the right time and enabling creative staff to interact with outside talent is vital.

Good design means goodwill and good money.
In my most recent position as UX Creative Director at Intuit, my design leadership and the design work I implemented resulted in huge gains in customer productivity and revenues. One program I redesigned saw an immediate 33% jump in revenue bringing in millions of dollars. Tracking how good design impacts the bottom line is important to understanding how assets are allocated and design corrections.

Asset Management Experience
As a veteran in all aspects of asset management and current web based management technology, I know that not knowing where an asset is or how to deploy it is extremely costly. My solutions have streamlined workflows, lightened designer workloads and increased the satisfaction of clients and designers. Isn’t nice to know that all the work you put into something isn’t wasted because it can’t be found?