User Experience (UX)
Design Leader

I create delightful products through genuine, simple and addictive product experiences that empower brands, leveraging experience in a wide variety of design industries including entertainment, software, industrial design, marketing, and branding

I have deep expertise in creating inspired teams that build best-in-class web and mobile products. I’m privileged to have a deep and loyal network of some of the most creative people on the planet.

Creative Team Builder

Culture Creator

I use unique collaborative methods that inspire and drive success. I craft physical environments, conferences, speaker series and even secret societies to get groups in-sync, inspired and moving in the right direction.

My Management Philosophy I'm good at managing creative people, immersed in technical environments, using creative methods.  Starting my career as a designer and illustrator, I intimately understand what creatives need to thrive. It's not a static list. I add new tools all the time. But, the one tool to rule them all is the golden one. I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated.  Building on that golden rule, here's an overview of the concepts that have made my creative teams grow, glow, prosper and loyal.
Strengths Focused Same job, multiple people. Everyone is going to bring a unique strength to that job. I find out what that is in each person and plug them in according to their strength.  Vision Keeper What's the right way to go? Determining the direction is a group process. Keeping the process pointed in the right direction and spinning the vision is my thing.
Feed Me Creatives sell the product of the sum of what they gather 24/365. If there's no provision for replenishing the fuel, burnout is inevitable. I integrate stimulation and inspiration into the mix through unique speakers, field trips and media. I never let it get dark. Ever.Funnel and Ears I manage up and down equally well. I gather the bigger picture for the team, promote their work outside their sphere, assure that what they're working on is the right thing and make sure that it counts in the right way.
Process and Tools I assure that the appropriate procedure and tools are in place to make things move smooth. Too much and too little of the two are painful. Getting it right is transparent, easy and, well, something you just can't do without.Right Brainer (Creative Process Development) Right hemisphere thinking development is a big one for me. So much so that I successfully pursued a platinum certification as an instructor for the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain method. Proud to say that I'm only the 6th ever to be awarded this certification world wide. Learning this method is one of the fastest paths to enhanced problem solving abilities.

Some of the Great Places I’ve Helped

At Citrix I was the Creative Director (Sr. Director) for UX Product Design and Creative Strategy. I created the vision and built the teams that redesigned Citrix products and the Citrix brand to be delightful.At Corel I was the Director of User Experience for Digital Media Suite of products. I led a Taiwan based team to redesign the product experience to be a 21st Century Disney i was a Senior Model Builder / Design Lead I worked on entertainment and attraction design for Walt Disney Studios and then product design for Disney Consumer Products
At Intuit, Inc. I was the Creative Director / Sr. Manager, U.I. I created a team of top creative talent utilizing bleeding edge technology and changed the way Intuit develops financial software.MetaCreations / Fractal Design was a great company that created 3D, 2D design and paint software. I was their Designer/Illustrator, then Art Director then Director of Creative. Great hands on experience in digital paint, modeling. I directed a Creative team of 20 split in two offices located in Northern and Southern California.At Toyota Calty Design Research, Inc. I did dimensional Information design for advanced vehicle concepts.
At Adobe Systems Incorporated I was the Visual Design Lead for Common User Interface. I got all the Adobe products on the path to looking like they were from the same company and mentored the creative talent.At Handspring, Inc. I was the Creative Director where I built from scratch a great Creative group that set and implemented a great design direction for this successful startup.